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Changes in 3.12.P1 (UE4.26.0)


Important changes

  • Enlighten texture updates take significantly less time on PS5 and Xbox Series X.
  • Significantly increased responsiveness of probe visualisation in a world which contains many probes.
  • Reduced Enlighten Probe Memory stat when probe lit objects and adaptive probe volumes exist within many different streaming levels.
  • Enlighten Probe visualisation spheres far from the camera now appear larger to ensure they are clearly visible.
  • The editor now reports a warning in the Enlighten Errors window after the precompute for each mesh that was used for radiosity and has a large number of small triangles relative to the cluster size.

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed precompute error for level that was originally created in UE4 without Enlighten.
  • Fixed an intermittent crash that could occur during the precompute when a mesh has an extremely large cluster size.
  • Fixed a use after free crash that could occur when a streaming level is loaded and immediately unloaded.
  • Fixed precompute warnings incorrectly reported as errors when using SNDBS2 distributor.
  • Fixed incorrect Enlighten indirect lighting for Sky Atmosphere in a level which contains a Scene Capture 2D.
  • Fixed slow save for a level which contains a large number of foliage instances and was saved many times.
  • D3D12: Fixed bright flash visible in Enlighten reflections when indirect lighting is changing.
  • Fixed unintended modification of the level package by the Enlighten precompute commandlet when level contains UChildActorComponent and Enlighten data is stored in a separate asset.
  • Fixed missing or incorrectly placed probes when the probe regions within a single zone cover an extremely large volume of space.
  • Fixed division by zero exception in per pixel probe lighting runtime update.
  • Fixed missing link to actor related to lightmap UV packing warnings in Enlighten Errors window.

Known issues

  • This release does not include support for mobile platforms.

Changes in 3.12.R (UE4.26.0)


  • Enlighten indirect lighting contributes to ray traced global illumination.
  • Enlighten indirect lighting visible in ray traced reflections.
  • Ray traced occlusion of Enlighten indirect lighting for Spot, Point and Directional light actors.

Important changes

  • The precompute time is now significantly reduced in a scene where automatic probe placement regions cover a large volume of space.
  • The precompute now uses Intel Embree library version 3.11.0 to take advantage of recent performance improvements.
  • Source control operations can now be used safely with assets that contain Enlighten data. Sync and revert operations are disabled when the level is currently loaded in the editor.