This is the documentation for Enlighten.

Enlighten SDK 3.12 Release Notes



  • Addressed increase in peak memory usage for precompute in massive world which contains probe regions with dependencies limited to only directly adjacent systems.
  • Fixed precompute error RTC_ERROR_OUT_OF_MEMORY reported by CreateOutputProbeSet task when running the HLBS precompute in a massive world with AgentUsage=Default.
  • Fixed an intermittent crash that could occur during the precompute when a mesh has an extremely large cluster size.
  • Fixed precompute warnings incorrectly reported as errors when using SNDBS2 distributor.
  • Fixed missing or incorrectly placed probes when the probe regions within a single zone cover an extremely large volume of space.
  • Improved error message from HLBS precompute when probeRegion element does not have a zone attribute.
  • Fixed division by zero exception in per pixel probe lighting runtime update.
  • We now distribute Enlighten core libraries built with Visual Studio 2019 16.8.5 and VC tools version 14.28 for Win32, Win64 and XboxOne.
  • Significantly reduced the size on disk of the GeoRayTrace library by removing dead code.
  • Enlighten libraries for Windows and Xbox are now compiled with /Zc:inline to reduce their size on disk and improve link times.

New features

Use automatic probe placement and per pixel probe lighting at scale in a massive world:

  • Efficiently light large open spaces with additional probe placement resolution options: 1/32, 1/64, 1/128, 1/256.
  • Significantly reduced precompute time for automatic probe placement in a scene with many probes across a large volume of space.
  • Significantly reduced update time and memory use for per pixel probe lighting in a scene with many probes across a large volume of space.

Improved compatibility with real time ray tracing:


Faster Enlighten precompute:

  • The precompute time is now significantly reduced in a scene where automatic probe placement regions cover a large volume of space.
  • The precompute now uses Intel Embree library version 3.11.0 to take advantage of recent performance improvements.

Improved samples to aid your implementation of Enlighten:

  • The MinimalExample scene now demonstrates the Enlighten pipeline for a scene which contains more than one instance of a mesh with more than one material.
  • The Sample Pipeline and Sample Runtime applications now produce correct emissive lighting for meshes with more than one material colour.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed intermittent precompute failure when Windows regional format set to a language other than English, Japanese or Chinese.
  • Fixed a long delay in the precompute "Updating dependencies..." in a scene which contains 10K+ systems or probe sets.
  • Fixed a crash when per pixel probe lighting is in use and probes are placed very far from the origin.
  • Fixed minor seams in per pixel probe lighting that may appear when the viewpoint moves around the level while indirect lighting is static.
  • Fixed minor per seams in per pixel probe lighting at the boundary between two zones.




Build configurations:

  • The distribution no longer includes Enlighten core libraries built with Visual Studio 2013.

Upgrade Notes

The minimum system spec supported by the Enlighten precompute is now Windows 10 (64-bit) on Intel Core (at least i3-2100) or AMD FX/Ryzen (at least FX-4100). The precompute reports an error if your CPU does not support Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX).

High level build system:

  • The location on disk of runtime data created for automatically generated probe sets has changed. Please refer to the implementation guide.

High level runtime:

Per pixel probe lighting: