This is the documentation for Enlighten.

Enlighten UE4 3.11 Release Notes

Changes in 3.11.R (UE4.25.0)

Key Features

Support for next generation platforms:

  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox Series X
  • Stadia™

Early Access: Enlighten indirect lighting for Rect Light actors.

  • Basic Rect Light properties are supported, including Source Width, Source Height, Barn Door Angle and Barn Door Length.
  • Cast Enlighten Shadows option is not currently supported: this may cause light leaks where a Rect Light illuminates a thin wall.
  • The Source Texture property is not currently supported.

Enlighten indirect lighting for a Directional Light with Atmosphere/Fog Sun Light enabled.

Enlighten indirect lighting for materials which use the Hair shading model.

Important changes

  • Reduced render thread time spent on Enlighten updates in D3D11 when using per pixel probe lighting in combination with Reflection Capture actors that Use Enlighten.
  • For a SpeedTree asset, the precompute now defaults to use the lowest-detail non-billboard LOD for Enlighten radiosity.

Other changes

  • Nintendo Switch: Significantly reduced Enlighten runtime update cost for Reflection Captures with Use Enlighten enabled.

Fixed bugs

  • D3D12: Fixed unexpected high Enlighten update overhead on render thread in a level containing many Reflection Capture actors with Use Enlighten enabled.
  • Fixed a warning "Non-deterministic cook warning" when cooking a level which contains a Light actor.
  • Fixed Enlighten data asset being incorrectly marked modified after loading a level which contains Landscape Grass.
  • Fixed a shader compiler error during a full recompile of all shaders.
  • Fixed a D3D12 resource leak error when the UE4 editor is closed.
  • Fixed an intermittent crash in Foliage Edit mode when foliage instances are deleted.

Known issues

  • This release does not include support for mobile platforms.