This is the documentation for Enlighten.

Enlighten SDK 3.09 Release Notes

New features

  • Form factor viewer is now available in GeoRadiosity. This shows what clusters contribute to a pixel/probe, and what other pixels/probes are in the same bucket.


  • Added utility function to delete transparency buffers
  • InitialiseEmissiveBufferFromTexture now supports FP16 input data
  • The face(s) of a triangle which cast direct light shadows can now be set per material.
  • The new member function Enlighten::IProbeSetManager::OnAllLoadedProbeSetsArrayChanged() allows probe set managers to note the array of interpolation input sets maintained by the HLRT, enabling additional optimisation opportunities.
  • Improved validation of the "name" attribute in .scene files.

Integration notes

  • CodeBuildTool source code is included in the distribution
  • EffectsBuildTool source code is included in the distribution
  • Source code in the SDK will now match line numbers in the pdb's of prebuilt libraries/binaries.
  • Console distributions of the Enlighten SDK now build separately and need to be copied on top of the base distribution

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where setting the update manager limiter to values greater than 0 produced incorrect reading of the input lighting buffers
  • Fixed a bug preventing build errors when including DirectXMath and Enlighten headers in the same translation unit
  • Implemented missing GeoEvent support for PSVita.
  • Fixed a crash in IPrecompute::PackGeometry() when providing an input mesh with very large UVs
  • Fixed a crash in IPrecompPackedGeometry::Load() when running out of memory
  • Fixed uninitialised data being serialised in WriteDataBlockForInPlace() and related functions.