Debug with Enlighten tools

Enlighten includes diagnostic tools to help you debug and optimise the Enlighten configuration of your level.


GeoRadiosity is Enlighten's real-time debugging tool. To debug unexpected lighting results, you can open your level in GeoRadiosity and use its range of diagnostic visualizations.

GeoRadiosity doesn't show the lights and materials in your UE4 level.

To open your level in GeoRadiosity, in the Build menu, under Build Enlighten > Open in GeoRadiosity, select whether to include all levels, the current level, or only selected actors.

Export your level to disk

To help us reproduce a bug, Enlighten support might request a copy of your exported Enlighten scene. To export the level, use Build > Build Enlighten > Export Only. The exported scene is saved in the EnlPrecomp folder in your UE4 root.

To minimize the data size, add your exported scene (excluding the subfolder __Build_World__) to a zip archive