Change the lighting resolution

For efficient Enlighten lighting, it's important to find a balance between lighting accuracy and cost. See the beginner tutorials for more information.

Lightmap Resolution

If you specify a smaller lightmap pixel size for an actor, Enlighten produces more lightmap pixels for each chart. The Enlighten Quality defaults to High, which targets a lightmap pixel size of 100 units. 

For actors with Contribute Lightmap lighting mode, you can change the Enlighten Quality.

High provides a good balance between accuracy and cost for a human scale interior. This is the default for static meshes.

Choose Medium for open exterior areas. This is the default for Landscape.

Choose Low or Background for distant or unimportant objects.

When you select Use Default, the actor uses the Enlighten Quality from its static mesh asset. If the static mesh asset is also set to Use Default, the actor uses the Default Quality set in the level properties.

Probe resolution

To set the maximum resolution of the probe grid for the entire world, change the Adaptive Probe Grid Spacing in the world properties.

You can control the resolution at which probes are automatically placed. Use the Adaptive Probe Resolution in the level properties to set the default probe resolution for the level.

You can also set the Adaptive Probe Resolution for:

  • a static actor which is lit using probes
  • an Adaptive Probe Volume actor

When the Adaptive Probe Resolution property for an actor is Use Default, it uses the default probe resolution for the level.