This is the documentation for Enlighten.

Install and build

Enlighten UE4 3.12 is based on Unreal Engine 4.25.0 and UE4.26.0.

Enlighten UE4 is distributed as a collection of .zip files containing modifications to the base UE4 version. The distribution .zip files are named as follows:

EnlightenUE4-[Version]-[UE4 Version]-[Type].zip

Version is the version of Enlighten. This comprises:

  • the Enlighten version number
  • R denotes the initial release; Pn denotes patch n
  • the internal build number

UE4 Version is the version of UE4 this package is compatible with

Type may be:

  • Base — Required. This zip contains the modified engine files and the Enlighten libraries and tools.
  • Samples — This zip contains maps and assets demonstrating Enlighten, contained in EnlightenSamples.uproject.
  • Platform specific files — Extra files required to run on console platforms. These are provided only to registered platform developers.

For example contains the Base files for the initial release of Enlighten UE4 version 3.12 compatible with UE4 version 4.26.0.

Enlighten license

The Enlighten Precompute requires a valid Enlighten license. Please place the license file in Engine/Binaries/ThirdParty/Enlighten.

Each licence file is valid for a limited period.  For licensing support, contact Enlighten Support.

Build Enlighten UE4

To build the Enlighten UE4 editor:

  1. Install an unmodified copy of a supported version of UE4. This must be the major release, not a hotfix.
  2. Download the Enlighten packages compatible with your UE4 version.
  3. Extract the Enlighten packages on top of your unmodified copy of UE4, overwriting files where necessary.
  4. Delete the Engine/Intermediate folder, if it exists.
  5. Run GenerateProjectFiles.bat.
  6. Rebuild at least the following projects:
    1. UnrealFrontend Development Win64
    2. UnrealLightmass Development Win64
    3. ShaderCompileWorker Development Win64
    4. UE4 Development Editor Win64

To evaluate Enlighten with a hotfix release of UE4 you can perform a three way merge between:

  • Left: your UE4 source tree with the hotfix
  • Right: the base UE4 + Enlighten source tree.
  • Common Ancestor: the unmodified copy of UE4.

Supported Visual Studio versions

Visual Studio 2017 - MSVC 14.16

Visual Studio 2019 - MSVC 14.28

Supported console SDKs

UE4.257.008July 2018 QFE138.3.0
UE4.268.008July 2018 QFE1310.4.0