Light volumetric fog

Enlighten provides real time indirect lighting for volumetric fog by sampling per-pixel from nearby probes.

Refer to the UE4 documentation for an overview of the volumetric vog feature.

Enable Enlighten indirect lighting

To enable Enlighten real time indirect lighting for Volumetric Fog:

  • In your project settings, enable per-pixel sampling. Refer to the Probe sampling page for instructions.
  • Place volumetric fog in your level. For details, please refer to the UE4 documentation. 
  • Place Enlighten Adaptive Probe Volume actors to cover all areas where fog is visible. (Refer to the Probes placement page).

    If volumetric fog is visible across the entire world, this might result in a very large number of probes.
    To avoid this, reduce the Adaptive Probe Resolution. Please refer to Change the lighting resolution for information.

Control the intensity

To adjust the intensity of Enlighten indirect lighting, modify the Enlighten world property Volumetric Fog Scattering Boost.

To exaggerate the effect of Enlighten indirect lighting, choose a larger value. A value of zero completely disables Enlighten indirect lighting for all fog.